7 Steps to HUGE success with Physical Products (Webinar Replay)

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Here's What You Get with
100K Factory Revolution [VIP Edition]

  • PILLAR 1

    100K Code Blueprint

    The full 12-week training program with step-by-step instructions allowing you to quickly and effectively build and scale your business.

  • PILLAR 2

    100K Command Center

    The engine that powers your profitable websites, with all your critical tools in one place so you can run your business with machine-like precision.

  • PILLAR 3

    100K Ignition Packs

    Massively shorten your path to success with 1,000 done-for-you products and other critical elements, handed to you on a silver platter.

  • PILLAR 4

    100K Accelerators

    Your suite of customer acquisition tools enabling you to drive targeted traffic, convert traffic into leads and turn leads into buyers.

  • PILLAR 5

    100K Vulcan

    Your personal marketing “super computer” giving you an immediate edge over your competition and dramatically boosting your bottom line.

  • PILLAR 6

    100K Operations Hub

    Your personalized operations center in North Carolina designed to simplify your business and make you more money.

  • PILLAR 7

    100K Alliance

    Your private members-only community center where you'll get ‘live’ advice directly from us and our team of "super-sellers".

  • PILLAR 8

    100K Coaching

    Personal support, coaching and technical help with our expert team - This is absolutely key to your success.

  • Bonus 1

    The ‘100k Braintrust’ Recordings (Value $2,000)

    Access the private ‘100k Factory Super Seller’ meeting that we held in Las Vegas in February. Get complete behind-the-scenes access and hear first hand from the people who are earning $1,000/day or more from the system…

  • Bonus 2

    Crowd Force (Value $1,164)

    Crowd Force is our breakthrough traffic software that identifies highly targeted pockets of traffic AND allows you to mine competitors Facebook pages to identify their most successful posts and ads. It provides a unique and EXTREMELY effective way to identify already-proven products to sell & new marketing angles.

  • Bonus 3

    Super Seller Secrets (Value $997)

    We convinced one of our “Super Sellers” from the 2016 100K Factory class to present his best secrets to our $12,000/year mastermind group. He shared how he built his store at lightning fast speed, how he saw sales roll in within 72 hours and all the little tricks he used along the way. You’ll get access to TWO extremely valuable ‘never-before-seen’ presentation videos!

JOIN 100K Factory Revolution [VIP Edition] through the link on this page today, and you’ll also receive exlusively $9376 in additional bonuses...

100k Factory VIP "Sniper Software”  Suite
(2 Years Access)

You’ll be given 2 year’s access to this private suite consisting of 3 software tools, designed to give you a competitive advantage when it comes to finding high profit physical product niches and suppliers. 


Physical Product Sniper - Just enter in any keywords and it’ll automatically pull from Facebook the TOP selling products from that niche. You’ll see the ads that have been used, you can see the numbers of likes and shares on each ad (to give you a further indication of popularity), and you can follow through and check out their websites as well. 


Webstore Spytool - We’ve paid a premium licensing fee to access some private APIs in order to uncover numerous websites that follow the ‘Just Pay Shipping’ drop shipping model. Just enter in any keyword (e.g. handbag, necklace, bracelet, flashlight, led lights, etc) and it’ll instantly bring up a list of websites that are already successful that have products in those niches. This is a great timesaver for generating your own ideas.


Dropship Scavenger - This tool pulls results directly from AliExpress for any keyword phrase that you enter, it’ll find drop shippers who have products for sale for low priced items (e.g. under $2), that have solid ratings as drop shippers, allow free shipping worldwide, and allow single quantity purchases. It’s a great little time saving tool.

VIP “Red Carpet” Support
(Value $497)

In addition to the 3-tiered support offered by 100k Factory, you’ll also get access to an additional private VIP support service that we’ve put in place SPECIFICALLY for our customers who invest in 100k Factory. 


This will ensure that your private requests and questions get TOP priority and even more attention than the already AMAZING support that is being offered.

Kindle Cashflow Academy
(Value $2,497)

This Kindle Cashflow Academy is a mixture of cutting edge training, case studies, and tools. The training is based around a 60 day plan which is designed to take you from $0 to $1000/month.


This week-by-week training previously sold for $1697. In addition to giving you the information on how to build a kindle income, we’ll also give you the TOOLS. eBook Launchpad is our all-inclusive Kindle publishing toolbox which includes a special book-formatting tool, description generators, research software and MUCH more.

Facebook Lead Mastery
(Value $697)

Exclusive ‘on-stage’ training that reveals the three most effective ways to generate leads and subscribers using Facebook. This cutting edge presentation has only ever been seen by a group of 35 ‘insiders’.


You get the FULL recording which shows all the links and real websites, as well as the presentation slides, so that you can set up your own Facebook Lead Machine.

Facebook Profit Secrets of Mr ‘M’
($997 Value)

This is the FULL recordings from a live in person workshop, where Mr ‘M’ revealed exactly how he is making over 170k per MONTH by selling low priced physical products through Facebook (without having to pay for them till AFTER they have been ordered by the customer, and they get shipped direct from the manufacturer to the customer... Brilliant!). 


This is a similar and complimentary method to what you’ll learn in 100k Factory, however Mr ‘M’ has his own strategy that is a little bit different but equally powerful and effective.


Seeing inside his Facebook accounts, seeing his products, and finding out his unique software and bidding strategies will give you an unfair advantage over other 100k Factory members. 


It is worth joining through this page to get your hands on this ALONE it’s such a powerful  training workshop full of live examples from within his Facebook account and his websites.

How to Make HUGE Profits From Tiny Little $9.95 Products ($497 value)

This is an incredibly high value recording from a private online workshop where online millionaire, Mark Ling, shows you step-by-step how to make huge profits from low-priced $9.95 DIGITAL products.


You’ll discover how to find profitable niches, how to make products that sell easily for low prices like $9.95, how to drive traffic to these offers, how to make piles of cash on the backend, and more.


He even shows you examples both of his own hugely successful products following this formula, and those of other people who are also making 5 to 6 figures per month from these types of products.

Ultimate 'Risk Reversal' Guarantee ($1000 value)

I'm offering this additional guarantee only for people who join through this webpage. I'm recommending 100k Factory because I believe greatly in this program.


It might sound crazy, but what I'm doing is I'm guaranteeing that if you follow this program correctly, earn the badges and so forth for following the instructions, and if you do not make money with this system, then I will refund up to $1000 of your Facebook advertising expenses.


I know full well that this system works like crazy, so that's why I'm so confident to offer this additional Ultimate 'Risk Reversal' Guarantee to put the risk on my shoulders and not yours.

So long as you are following the system correctly, even if you make some mistakes at the start, $500 is plenty of money to play around with on Facebook to get up and running and start to seeing your sales and be on the path to success.


And to make sure you have more than enough time to go through the system, this Ultimate 'Risk Reversal' Guarantee is valid for 6 MONTHS. That is more than enough time for you to get up and running and making a great amount of money using this incredible system.

Ecommerce Domination - Private Workshop Recordings ($497 value)

Dan Dasilva (a hugely successful physical products seller), put on a private workshop for my advanced mastermind attendees. Here he pulled back the curtain and revealed how he and his students have made MILLIONS from selling physical products online. 


You’ll get to see behind the scenes from this workshop where he reveals his BEST strategies for maximising the profit ratio from this incredibly powerful business model. He also shows in detail how he finds profitable niches, how he writes his offers, how he goes about raising prices, how he uses instagram to drive even more traffic and sales, and lots more. 


This will give you a competitive advantage over others, and make it even easier for you to pull in huge profits from the 100k factory business model.

Bounce Breaker Beta
($697 Value)

Bounce Breaker is our state-of-the-art conversion suite. We’re constantly rolling out and integrating new technology into Bounce Breaker, and by being an exclusive ‘Beta’ member, you’ll get full access to advanced new features the MOMENT they are released.


You’ll also get access to private ‘in-house’ templates that other Bounce Breaker users do not get, early access to new integrations, and be able to work directly with the developers to recommend and test new features and functionality.

Amazon Physical Product Academy
($1997 value)

Selling physical products on Amazon has been a popular trend for several years now, however the opportunity is bigger and better than it’s ever been before. Amazon Physical Product Academy is a cocktail containing all the blueprints and ‘best practices’ we use to run our 7-figure Amazon physical product business. You’ll get the step-by-step blueprint we use to go from ZERO to 6-figures/month and beyond, exclusive ‘never before seen’ private training classes (filmed LIVE), templates, planning spreadsheets and MUCH more


We’ve never ever seen anyone put together a pack quite like this before… This is the FASTLANE to getting setup with an Amazon physical product income stream.

How to Claim Your Bonuses

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